2014 Chevy Silverado, actual mpg

I swear the sticker said 22 or 23…maybe even 24mpg but reality is far different.

All stock, no changes, same stock highway-only Goodyears. After paying for a 2nd Alignment the dealer wrote down @30k miles that the right tire has “radial pull” but said, Chevrolet refers warranty claims to the tire manufacturer and will not help me. (Contrary to my warranty booklet which says at 30k GM will still pay a percentage of replacement.) Maybe the faulty tires, that have no warranty, lend to the next significantly different result from the sales propaganda:

Photo showing last 20,000 cross-country miles: 15.9MPG in my new Chevrolet 1500.
I’ve been 50,000 miles in my 2014 Silverado. I’ve driven from Montana to New York to Tennessee and back…and forth and back. I have never gotten better than a short recording of 21mpg. (Like right after I reset the trip and drive downhill on a highway….but all roads eventually climb and that’s when the mileage descends)


The photo above shows better results for the past 7,000 miles since February. Local driving (50 RT relatively flat highway miles commute), staying below the speed limit and trying to drive efficiently.

Now here’s my great idea: oh, I have 2.

Dear truck makers,

Please make a truck for dog owners or dirty people. Vinyl seats, no stupid slots to fill with hair and mud (see useless 60/40 bench armrest/console that no cups fit into and which has 3 rectangle slots for no purpose other than dirt receptacles you can’t wash) Please make all areas accessible, washable as well. Not a single piece of carpet. No padded rubber to puncture. …you can make it nice, just not as stupid as the interior of the 2014 Chevy Silverado. Also, no black box, no gps, no tracking, no TPMS, and most of all; not one single piece of bullshit plastic flare held on with 10 extraneous pounds of bolts: see Chevy for example of keep adding more and more weight and importing everything.

2nd idea;

I’m going to find out what the last date a truck was made that used all American Parts. I don’t care if it’s 1930, I want something real and made in the United States.

It’s a true shame my Toyota was of greater percentage American than my Chevy…and it was a much simpler, smarter, better vehicle (better is too subjective? Ok: better fuel economy, better resale value, fewer issues and recalls in 1st 2 years, considerably “smarter” transmission…to name a few)

Montana Tan

My take on a Montana tan:

I work outside all day. In the summer it is so hot and I wear shorts. My legs are reflective, they are so white. After work, take off boots and socks…my white feet contrast with how dark my legs got…WOW, What a tan I got today. I hop in the shower and it washes right off.

A Montana tan is accumulated dust and dirt, easily rinsed away.

Visit with Raven

Raven came yesterday evening and remains this morning on my little square in this small city.

Raven chose my house, though I was loudly woodworking and immediately ran to see and hear.

When I awoke I found Raven on my roof. Grabbing a blanket, I lie upon the grass… Raven a few feet away, I listened to spirit

Raven came to my little city square to heal. There is something not quite right…and I am not sure what to do. I put out water and I wished to help, to kiss Raven and heal. 

The Great Mysterious.

Thank You.

Notes and a Medical Invention I’ll never make

I haven’t gotten around to so many things I think I should start posting my ‘to do’ list publicly to motivate myself.

When I was in school, 2012, I invented a few devices. Here are two for someone who wants to make money:

Remote Controlled Bladder Valve: basically mechanical ureter sphincter operated by a handheld remote control. Need to empty your bladder voluntarily? Press the button. Maybe it can have a pressure valve for best health. (If you can’t figure it out, I have some mechanical drawings)

Note: the remote control urethral sphincter concept applies to other anatomical sphincters.

Alternative Scrubs: My idea for medical scrubs decorated to please the ‘client’ such as: Bourbon bottles, hunting dogs and rifles for male geriatric care. ..or tattoos, motorcycles and trucks. Someone witty can create a ladies line…and the humor ideas in the ‘alternative’ realm are endless. Little grim reapers?

Why am I here today? I forgot.

Migraine Auras

Brilliant flashing trippy prismatic ribbon in odd transforming geometric shapes with fractile-like endless detail.

For over 20 years I’ve experienced a vision-impairing flashy light and last year I finally asked my optometrist what it was; Migraine Aura.

Driving in utter darkness on a flat Montana highway tonight I experienced such a fantastic, though blinding, light show of inexplicable detail…a wild transporting hallucination.

Closing my eyes makes it worse.

Always a ribbon made up of transforming jagged prism ribbon (brilliant light spectrum thread) dancing and vibrating in a blinding display …a kaleidoscope show of bright f-ing rainbows.

Well, I’ve always wanted to describe that, never have because I thought it was a personal going blind thing…maybe something I caused long ago…car accident, late night out…too many dead shows.. Turns out it’s common.