Don’t buy a ticket, you’ve already won.

Another random, probably faulty, Kim thought:

So, I had this thought last week…

The chances of winning the lottery are something like 1 in 250 million. …but the chances of being a unique individual are 1 in 7 billion.

Forget buying a lottery ticket ~ You’ve already won the greatest ticket in the world.. a one in 7 billion chance to be you.

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Bad Decisions Make Good Stories – My Animal House Deathmobile Decision

Number 10 on a list of 32 Truths For Mature Humans is, “Bad decisions make good stories.” So, Here’s a story about one of many decisions I made growing up …that went horribly wrong. I was 10 years old.

The Year: 1978
Age: 10
Setting: July 4th Hometown Parade
Inspiration: National Lampoon’s Animal House

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My pretty girls; 2 Labrador Retrievers

Lana is a sweet Labrador Retriever.


Winner, below, is sharp.


These photos show some of the differences between these two Labrador Retrievers. Having two dogs aids one’s understanding of the unique personalities dogs possess. These Labradors are completely different and I love them both the same.

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So many websites with no content… what am I doing …wasting space.

I’m rough. I spent the day in the Dr’s, the hospital and back to the Dr’s. They treated me for the wrong thing. ..a torn rotator cuff. I know it’s C6 just faking them out.  Continue reading

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Homemade Camper Shell for my 2005 Toyota Tundra

A road trip. A bunch of furniture… tow or carry? …building a homemade camper shell for my ’05 Toyota Tundra …for under $100.

After much consideration, mostly economical, I decided to carry the furniture I am driving 3,000 miles. Since Uhaul wants half the cost of a new trailer for a one-way rental.. and a new trailer (which makes much more sense to own) isn’t within my budget, I decided to build a homemade camper shell for my truck. [no rental fee, nothing in tow, less drag - a $600 savings and easier driving]

I spilled my spare coins into the bank’s counter and came up with $68… enough to get started.

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Jumping the gun; Log Splitting in the Rain

It’s 49 degrees. I really jumped the gun declaring Short’s Day a few weeks ago.

Since the definition of Short’s Day is, The day you put all your pants on the back shelf and wear shorts until Pant’s Day… it certainly hasn’t happened yet this year . Right now it’s 49F and raining. The furnace is running. Short’s Day indicates the day each year when the weather ‘forces’ shorter clothing.’s not the first day you can wear shorts and get away with it. ..which is what I fell for earlier this month. embarrassing.  Continue reading

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Shorts Day 2013 ~ The Day the Lilac Bloomed

I’m calling yesterday my Shorts Day 2013, even though I was too busy working with dangerous chemicals to wear shorts. Temps reached above 75 briefly despite a rainy start to the third rainy day this week. Yesterday was Friday, May 10th, 2013.

The day the Lilac bloomed, I started a job in Greenwich. May 8th

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