Shorts Day 2013 ~ The Day the Lilac Bloomed

I’m calling yesterday my Shorts Day 2013, even though I was too busy working with dangerous chemicals to wear shorts. Temps reached above 75 briefly despite a rainy start to the third rainy day this week. Yesterday was Friday, May 10th, 2013.

The day the Lilac bloomed, I started a job in Greenwich. May 8th

Friday the 10th, I took off work early to enter my first Combat Carbine Competition. I’m waiting for them to post the scores online, but honestly… I don’t think I came in last as I expected. I was smooth, safe and… really didn’t care if I hit tens. It was my first experience through a course including; shooting from cover, urban prone, firing lefty and more. What a great time~!
The experience brought both memories and forward thinking. It was clearly something ingrained in my composition. I mean, it was almost entirely a new experience, yet I was comfortable and clear. Will I compete in the physically demanding level II in a few weeks?

Even though I’m calling Shorts Day – I haven’t switched over. It’s the day before Mother’s Day and it’s the kind of day only plants like.

Update 5/14: The following week has been sub-40-degrees. No one is wearing shorts around here. I posted this waayyy too soon.

Also: I CAME IN SEVENTH in my first Combat Carbine Competition ~!
7th out of 17 participants! Not only not in last place but better than half, I am so psyched. ..because once I acquiesced to the thought that placing last is better than not competing, I signed in. The competitors were, with little exception, military and law enforcement. Imagine how I’ll do now that I’m not intimidated by the word “competition” and next time… ..speaking of next time, let me ask you a question:

I had the lowest tech equipment – and no EOTech… just those 1969 iron sights. hahahaha….

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