Jumping the gun; Log Splitting in the Rain

It’s 49 degrees. I really jumped the gun declaring Short’s Day a few weeks ago.

Since the definition of Short’s Day is, The day you put all your pants on the back shelf and wear shorts until Pant’s Day… it certainly hasn’t happened yet this year . Right now it’s 49F and raining. The furnace is running. Short’s Day indicates the day each year when the weather ‘forces’ shorter clothing. ..it’s not the first day you can wear shorts and get away with it. ..which is what I fell for earlier this month. ..so embarrassing. 

I’m scared. ..more than apprehensive, more than anxious; I believe I’m scared: I’m renting a log splitter today, like the Swisher 34-Ton Log Splitter.

I still own a little DR splitter, like this Pow’ R’ Kraft  7-Ton Electric Log Splitter but it’s not going to cut the mustard for this job and Winnie and Lana won’t be much help tomorrow.

…half the pile
If I was actually a healthy, fit person I might be a little more excited to get this done but my arm is KILLING me. Tennis Elbow? Double Crush… still ailing from the cervical neuropathies. The pile of wood is bothersome… someone delivered it. If I’m not mistaken: Five days after I tossed these logs out of my driveway, I checked in to the hospital.

Here goes.

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