So many websites with no content… what am I doing …wasting space.

I’m rough. I spent the day in the Dr’s, the hospital and back to the Dr’s. They treated me for the wrong thing. ..a torn rotator cuff. I know it’s C6 just faking them out. 

I came home, not supposed to do too much, I thought I’d get the Christmas stuff out of the attic. The dogs went berserk, I stepped toward the opening … and fell. I put out that arm that was in the hospital machines earlier and fell on it. I sliced my palm on a $2 curtain rod. ..that I’m saving for what?

I can’t sleep at night. I curse doctors all night long as I toss and turn in agony. Why don’t they give a shit about the pain? When I am in this much pain, I am a little more angry.

Why is it that the more it hurts, the more I laugh?

I want to write an article about what it means to be a “rebel”. Sometimes I write articles in my head when I am driving. Concepts, Ideas… I came up with three inventions last week. That makes over 60 decent inventions that I’ve written down… that no one has yet to produce. That’s all.

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