Migraine Auras

Brilliant flashing trippy prismatic ribbon in odd transforming geometric shapes with fractile-like endless detail.

For over 20 years I’ve experienced a vision-impairing flashy light and last year I finally asked my optometrist what it was; Migraine Aura.

Driving in utter darkness on a flat Montana highway tonight I experienced such a fantastic, though blinding, light show of inexplicable detail…a wild transporting hallucination.

Closing my eyes makes it worse.

Always a ribbon made up of transforming jagged prism ribbon (brilliant light spectrum thread) dancing and vibrating in a blinding display …a kaleidoscope show of bright f-ing rainbows.

Well, I’ve always wanted to describe that, never have because I thought it was a personal going blind thing…maybe something I caused long ago…car accident, late night out…too many dead shows.. Turns out it’s common.

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