Notes and a Medical Invention I’ll never make

I haven’t gotten around to so many things I think I should start posting my ‘to do’ list publicly to motivate myself.

When I was in school, 2012, I invented a few devices. Here are two for someone who wants to make money:

Remote Controlled Bladder Valve: basically mechanical ureter sphincter operated by a handheld remote control. Need to empty your bladder voluntarily? Press the button. Maybe it can have a pressure valve for best health. (If you can’t figure it out, I have some mechanical drawings)

Note: the remote control urethral sphincter concept applies to other anatomical sphincters.

Alternative Scrubs: My idea for medical scrubs decorated to please the ‘client’ such as: Bourbon bottles, hunting dogs and rifles for male geriatric care. ..or tattoos, motorcycles and trucks. Someone witty can create a ladies line…and the humor ideas in the ‘alternative’ realm are endless. Little grim reapers?

Why am I here today? I forgot.

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