Bad Decisions Make Good Stories – My Animal House Deathmobile Decision

Number 10 on a list of 32 Truths For Mature Humans is, “Bad decisions make good stories.” So, Here’s a story about one of many decisions I made growing up …that went horribly wrong. I was 10 years old.

The Year: 1978
Age: 10
Setting: July 4th Hometown Parade
Inspiration: National Lampoon’s Animal House

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Summer ’12, Why My Labradors Love The Gas Station.

The summer of 2012 hasn’t been the best passing of time. In my laziness over the winter (see; radiculopathy) I’ve grown fat. The entirely ugly process of one’s 40’s are overwhelming. I’ll need new clothes come Autumn. ..ones with pockets to hold my eyeglasses would be appropriate.

Gathering of:
I actually attended my 13th Vibes this year, thanks to Bara for her insistence.

I had so much fun in the sun with a beer in my hand that I left severely sunburned. It’s been 11 years since I burned my skin off that thoroughly. Vibes was expensive @ $85/day. …and they still seem to have lost the purpose. Continue reading Summer ’12, Why My Labradors Love The Gas Station.

Friday September 16th

Although I started this morning early, thanks to my neighbor’s short-to-live rooster, in shorts… I think today is the first day for pants.

Come Spring, when I pull out my ‘summer’ clothes and don the first pair of shorts of the season I wonder when I last wore them.. making note: Today, Sept 16th is the first morning below 60º and the need for pants is upon us.

I called Animal Control… which wasn’t my first instinct.


In other news:

Montana Law – Non-Residents may not register a vehicle.

Update: This article is void, as of Autumn 2013. Thanks to HB414.

Thursday morning, The Great Falls MVD refused to register the vehicle I bought, to park in the driveway of my Montana home, without a Montana Driver’s License.

What’s going on? I own a house in Montana yet they won’t let me register a vehicle because I have an out-of-state Driver’s License.

In 2009, I purchased my first and only home, in Montana. Each time I travel from my temporary rented home in Connecticut I must rent a car in Montana and the expense significantly takes away from the home improvement I am actively engaged in each trip. Continue reading Montana Law – Non-Residents may not register a vehicle.

Caddisflies hatching on the Missouri

Dream fly fishing along the Missouri River as zillions of Caddisflies hatch in the evening sun. I snapped this picture after dinner as the sun was setting over Craig, Montana. We spent a glorious day floating the Missouri River from Craig to the Dearborn River.

Just look at the dark cloud of Caddisflies over this Pine tree. Perhaps my favorite photograph this week on the beautiful Missouri River in Central Montana (South of Great Falls and North of Helena)

Read more about Trichoptera at Wikipedia.

Gathering of the Vibes 2008

Welcome to Bridgeport and the 2008 Gathering of the Vibes. Thursday night kicked off with Dark Star Orchestra. Friday saw my favorites of Zappa plays Zappa followed by my friends in Deep Banana Blackout. Our camp was comfortable, even during a brutal Saturday rainstorm leaving the fields a muddy mess and some less fortunate campers soaked. The sun returned, the music was fantastic and the Vibes were kind. Enjoy this gallery of 36 images.