Tingling fingers: C6, C7

I can’t feel my left index finger. It has been tingling since Dec. 20th. (2 wks. 4 days) I’ve dropped two glasses unable to detect my grip on them and several times I’ve subjected the numb fingers to the point of injury…since I can’t feel when it hurts.
It’s not going away. It’s getting worse.

Any advice?

Update – 1/9/12: I have a week for the Dexamethasone to work or…. God knows.

Time to take up religion again.

Update: 2/25/12: Still the same but there’s been progress of sorts. I was right. An MRI showed a compromised C7 nerve root. Off the temporary narcotics, which affected my performance in school, and on to NSAID and that Gabapentin. Taking PT with numb fingers crossed. [This is getting old fast… I’m advised to lift nothing – try that for a week. I’ve tried it for months and it’s not my thing.]

btw: those steroids (dexamethasone) turned me psycho and I doubt I will ever voluntarily endure that mental and emotional instability again.