My pretty girls; 2 Labrador Retrievers

Lana is a sweet Labrador Retriever.


Winner, below, is sharp.


These photos show some of the differences between these two Labrador Retrievers. Having two dogs aids one’s understanding of the unique personalities dogs possess. These Labradors are completely different and I love them both the same.

Coop d’Go – My second Chicken Coop is Transportable

The Veterinarian called and said she’ll fix up my dog if I’ll build them a chicken coop.

I agreed and set out to build what would become a full-sized chicken coop comprised of 4 sides and a roof that fastened together with 12 screws and featured a drop-in floor and nesting boxes, accented with custom stenciled ventilation holes.

My first Chicken coop, The Coop de Grace, is an example of my craftwork and a fine home for our chickens but my second coop is something special, it’s the Coop d’Go and it’s made for delivery.

I started with… no idea, little $$ and a deadline. I had no idea what it would look like, no idea how I would assemble the pieces, no idea what materials to use… not much to go on… but I started.

My first step is usually some blueprints but for this project I started with a trip to the lumber yard where I picked out (30) 2″x 3″ studs and (2) sheets of the cheapest sheathing I could find (7/16″ pressboard – yuck)

I drove home in the rain, so I set up my E-Z UP Canopy which has come in handy for a lot more work days than ‘camping’ days.

Even without a plan, you can build a house. I started by choosing (from mid-air… or by measuring the coop d’grace) a height for the ‘low side’, a length for the ‘long wall’ and a height off the ground for the floor level.

Since I started writing this article at 2:30am, just moments before I drive the Coop d’Go to Pennsylvania… I’ll have to update ya’ll when I get back.

OK, I’m back – check it out~!

It’s done, it’s installed, well-received and lived in already~!

After 7 hours in the car, 30 minutes of assembly time and a few hours visit, I’m glad to be home. I’ve completed my second Chicken Coop and I’d like to share the details of it’s construction, purpose and completion.  Continue reading Coop d’Go – My second Chicken Coop is Transportable

Coop de Grace, Our Chicken Coop Extraordinaire

Three weeks after my daughter came home with a box of six little chicks, their new house awaits their feathering out.

After a hurried review of the coops, kindly displayed on, considering appealing and practical details I began constructing what has become a fairly nice looking, soundly built, safe home for our new hens. I would say it’s well-designed but the process was rather piecemeal. For example; After concluding that I would make a walk-in height run area with a raised coop to resemble my own house, I began by holding a stud upright and marking what I felt would be the lowest ceiling height I’d care to walk under. For placement of the studs, I considered the available widths of Hardware Cloth, nailed them in place and then figured out what to do next… step by step, without a great deal of forethought.

Continue reading Coop de Grace, Our Chicken Coop Extraordinaire

Convict Cichlids, adopting some devils

While shopping for some aquarium supplies, I adopted 4 convict cichlid fry. They were tiny, transparent and cute and they found plenty of hiding spaces in the dangerous waters of our kitchen-counter aquarium.

A centerpiece of my living room has been a peaceful community aquarium with decent lighting to support plant life. For over ten years the tank has contained a 12″ Plecostomus and 100’s of Fancy Guppies. At times, it seems as if we have thousands of guppies, which recently was the case causing quite an over-population problem. Continue reading Convict Cichlids, adopting some devils