Homemade Camper Shell for my 2005 Toyota Tundra

A road trip. A bunch of furniture… tow or carry? …building a homemade camper shell for my ’05 Toyota Tundra …for under $100.

After much consideration, mostly economical, I decided to carry the furniture I am driving 3,000 miles. Since Uhaul wants half the cost of a new trailer for a one-way rental.. and a new trailer (which makes much more sense to own) isn’t within my budget, I decided to build a homemade camper shell for my truck. [no rental fee, nothing in tow, less drag – a $600 savings and easier driving]

I spilled my spare coins into the bank’s counter and came up with $68… enough to get started.

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Jumping the gun; Log Splitting in the Rain

It’s 49 degrees. I really jumped the gun declaring Short’s Day a few weeks ago.

Since the definition of Short’s Day is, The day you put all your pants on the back shelf and wear shorts until Pant’s Day… it certainly hasn’t happened yet this year . Right now it’s 49F and raining. The furnace is running. Short’s Day indicates the day each year when the weather ‘forces’ shorter clothing. ..it’s not the first day you can wear shorts and get away with it. ..which is what I fell for earlier this month. ..so embarrassing.  Continue reading Jumping the gun; Log Splitting in the Rain

Themed Eyewear Stand – 1920’s Edwina Booth – style on stage

My pre-holiday “Santa’s Workshop” time is a creative session I truly enjoy. Each year, I come up with something for almost everyone on my Christmas list. This year’s 1920’s-themed eyewear stand is sure to please …and I think it’s pretty cool so I wanted to share it with you. (I haven’t given it to her yet, so hush.)  Continue reading Themed Eyewear Stand – 1920’s Edwina Booth – style on stage

There’s always a first. Mine’s a 1966 Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe

It began with the requirement; “analog watch with a second hand” – A watch for school, to record patient’s vitals. A $25 Timex would have been perfect, but, of course, I have to be difficult.

I queued dozens of watches in my Amazon wishlist. Querying the members of watchuseek.com was all it took for me to become hooked on horology. Since then I’ve begun to create a list of my watches here on wkp.us, buying vintage pieces online and delving into the world of watchmaking. Continue reading There’s always a first. Mine’s a 1966 Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe

Coop d’Go – My second Chicken Coop is Transportable

The Veterinarian called and said she’ll fix up my dog if I’ll build them a chicken coop.

I agreed and set out to build what would become a full-sized chicken coop comprised of 4 sides and a roof that fastened together with 12 screws and featured a drop-in floor and nesting boxes, accented with custom stenciled ventilation holes.

My first Chicken coop, The Coop de Grace, is an example of my craftwork and a fine home for our chickens but my second coop is something special, it’s the Coop d’Go and it’s made for delivery.

I started with… no idea, little $$ and a deadline. I had no idea what it would look like, no idea how I would assemble the pieces, no idea what materials to use… not much to go on… but I started.

My first step is usually some blueprints but for this project I started with a trip to the lumber yard where I picked out (30) 2″x 3″ studs and (2) sheets of the cheapest sheathing I could find (7/16″ pressboard – yuck)

I drove home in the rain, so I set up my E-Z UP Canopy which has come in handy for a lot more work days than ‘camping’ days.

Even without a plan, you can build a house. I started by choosing (from mid-air… or by measuring the coop d’grace) a height for the ‘low side’, a length for the ‘long wall’ and a height off the ground for the floor level.

Since I started writing this article at 2:30am, just moments before I drive the Coop d’Go to Pennsylvania… I’ll have to update ya’ll when I get back.

OK, I’m back – check it out~!

It’s done, it’s installed, well-received and lived in already~!

After 7 hours in the car, 30 minutes of assembly time and a few hours visit, I’m glad to be home. I’ve completed my second Chicken Coop and I’d like to share the details of it’s construction, purpose and completion.  Continue reading Coop d’Go – My second Chicken Coop is Transportable

Kim’s Tie-Dye Sheets – Gallery Two, King Size

Over the past few months, I’ve made quite a few tie-dyes. Below I’ve posted my basic steps followed by a few shots of the king size tie-dye sheets set I made most recently. I think these sheets came out beautifully and represent my dying skill right now which is yet far from advanced.  Continue reading Kim’s Tie-Dye Sheets – Gallery Two, King Size

multiple cut and paste

Here’s another product/ability I’d like to have: Multiple cut-and-paste.

I constantly use cut and paste. On my Macbook the Command, C and V keys are shiny from use. There is a feature I have always wanted and that’s multiple cut and paste.

I’d like to be able to cut (copy to clipboard) several pieces of information; a song lyric, an image, a file title, a link and a symbol or whatever and then be able to paste any.

I could cut them in order and be able to paste them all at once or
I could cut them in any order and press command-spacebar-v and a menu will come up asking which to paste.

This has been a feature I would like to have for a few years now. Someone at Apple Computers please add that to the next OS. Just wanted to put this out there since I’ll never get around to writing a program to do it. I have a great idea for a phone app too.