I talk too much…

Photograph of Kim in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

In Decemeber of 2005 I wrote this for an online profile, since then I’ve had new adventures to add to this list but haven’t updated it yet:

I’ve stood beneath Bridal Veil Falls. (awe-inspiring)

I’ve been to Yellowstone many summers and some winters.

I’ve lived in California. and Connecticut. also elsewhere. (like Montana)

I’ve been to Luxembourg.

I’ve climbed Swiss mountains and brought edelweiss back to my U.S. garden. (hearsay)

I’ve chilled out in Amsterdam.

I’ve been drunk on absinthe on the isle of Santorini.

I’ve ridden a horse for days.

I’ve canoed for days, kayaked for days.

I’ve bicycled for weeks.

I’ve cried for weeks.

I’ve held my breath for 3 minutes while snorkeling near Belize.

I’ve been to the Equinox at Chichen Itza and seen the snake.

I’ve nearly drowned at Venice Beach.

I’ve nearly drowned at Ocean Beach.

I’ve fallen through ice in the winter.

I am a parent.

I’ve driven a BMW at 85m.p.h. ’till I fell asleep. (none of the car survived)

I’ve slept in hay with cows.

I’ve slept without a tent on Mt. Shasta, on a glacier. (many times)

I’ve slept on the side of a mountain. (hangin’ out 🙂

I’ve slept with three girls at once. (hehehe)

I’ve slept on a park bench in Switzerland and San Francisco.

I’ve been to Istanbul and grappled with gangsters. (so uncool)

I gave a dying fish a c-section and still have offspring 6 years later.

I’ve had a dog and loved him ’till the end of his life.

I’ve raised giant german rabbits.

I’ve been to almost every state.

I’ve been homeless for months.

I live in a million dollar house.

I’ve swam more than a mile.

I’ve run a hell of a long way.

I’ve flown a plane and a helicopter.

I’ve broken my fingers, hand, arm, face, foot, back and heart. (<—hehehe that sucks)

I’ve kept really good friends for 10 and 20 years.

I’ve played a flute for wild bison for hours for years.

I’ve mountain biked Moab.

I’ve lost it all in Las Vegas.

I’ve won more than $1000 on a slot machine.

I’ve driven across the U.S. six or more times and driven across Europe a few.

I got a motorcycle when I was 8.

I learned to shoot a shotgun when I was so small I couldn’t hold it.

I went ice skating at 2 years old and skiing at 3.

I’ve skied backcountry steeps that are impassable in summer.

I’ve been in true love. (I’ll never forget the moments)

I’ve lost someone important to me.

I’ve worked on famous homes.

I’ve casually partied hard-core with famous people. (another hehehe)

I’ve been to the top of the world trade towers.

I’ve gotten tan on a nude beach in Jamaica.

I’ve been to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

I’ve slept in a cave.

I’ve been stung by a whole hive more than once.

I admire and am fascinated by wasps and bees.

I’ve been in the U.S. Army.

I am an Eagle Scout.

I’ve studied many religions and theosophy.

I’ve practiced 5 forms of yoga.

I’ve worked for a swami. (capitalism can suck)

I met Timothy Leary.

I’ve tuned in, turned on and dropped out. (sort of)

I saw 100 Dead shows and several Pink Floyd.

I have friends who are musicians.

I’ve been to a rodeo.

I’ve been to the Bay of Newfoundland and Iceland.

I’ve been frightened and thrilled while spelunking in Santa Cruz.

I’ve asked for a shooting star and one happened.

I’ve lain in a pickup all night watching a meteor shower.

I’ve always owned a pickup truck since 1990.

I married a stripper and divorced her.

I’ve taken thousands of pictures a year since year 2000.

I’ve eaten fish eyes and snake and frog and deer.

I’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years. (weird.)

I’ve smoked more than 100,000 cigarettes.

I studied fashion design, then language, then construction.

I’ve lived where there were soldiers posted on every civilian block.

I’ve seen people be killed.

I was there for the Loma Prieta earthquake in ‘89.

I’ve always liked myself even when I don’t.

I’ve always felt powerful and special. (even if I’m no more than another)

I’ve always been self-conscious.

I am sensitive.

I am “in touch” with myself.

I love animals and Nature is my truest religion.

I prefer to think of God as the Great Mysterious.

I’ve always wanted to be an Indian when I grow up.

I’ve met old people who hate Indians.

I’ve met Indians who hate being called Indians.

I’ve always been a wise-ass.

I’ve always like fireworks.

I’ve grown bored of writing… but always love.