Montana 2010 gallery

Though I’ve visited Montana a half-dozen times this year, I annually post pictures from my August trip. This year included First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park, The Chouteau County Fair in Fort Benton, Floating the Missouri River and a one in a hundred shot of lightning beyond Bull Run Ranch in Cascade, Montana. Continue reading Montana 2010 gallery

Caddisflies hatching on the Missouri

Dream fly fishing along the Missouri River as zillions of Caddisflies hatch in the evening sun. I snapped this picture after dinner as the sun was setting over Craig, Montana. We spent a glorious day floating the Missouri River from Craig to the Dearborn River.

Just look at the dark cloud of Caddisflies over this Pine tree. Perhaps my favorite photograph this week on the beautiful Missouri River in Central Montana (South of Great Falls and North of Helena)

Read more about Trichoptera at Wikipedia.

Reno 725

I went to Reno for the weekend. First time in ages, I didn’t bring a camera. Instead, I brought my iPhone 3GS which takes very poor quality images, even with it’s 3MP chip.

The iPhone is a wobbly device without a dedicated shutter release button. Pushing the touchscreen ‘capture’ button counters the balance of the device in your hand causing the camera to move at capture and most pics are blurred. Check this site and you’ll see I can hold a camera still and capture beautiful images, even with a 2MP camera phone. Continue reading Reno 725

Richmond Hill Disc Golf, 18 holes

Activity: Disc Golf
Location: Richmond Hill Course, Asheville, North Carolina, USA
Discs: Discraft Comet

Disc Golf is a great sport. The Richmond Hill Course will give your legs a workout and empty your water bottles before your through. Today I played the entire course. Continue reading Richmond Hill Disc Golf, 18 holes

Richmond Hill Disc Golf

What would a guy from CT know about Richmond Hill in Asheville, N.C…?

Well, just a visitor to this self-claimed “most challenging and exciting course in the country” I played the front nine today. This my 6th game ever, I birdied hole 9 ending the front nine with +2…. and that only due to a miss at five feet from the basket on hole 4 and a tall tree on 5. Continue reading Richmond Hill Disc Golf