My first mobile blog entry.

Good enough phone, unprivileged user account, lots of enthusiasm, let’s see what we can do. 

Thanks developers. I feel spoiled.

I had to go move some hay but forgot my camera (phone). I rode past 200 ‘wild’ (rodeo stock) horses. If it weren’t so chilly I could have stayed another hour watching, inspecting, jokingly naming some and just enjoying the scene. They would come to the fence, but quickly flee if I approached.


Montana 2010 gallery

Though I’ve visited Montana a half-dozen times this year, I annually post pictures from my August trip. This year included First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park, The Chouteau County Fair in Fort Benton, Floating the Missouri River and a one in a hundred shot of lightning beyond Bull Run Ranch in Cascade, Montana. Continue reading Montana 2010 gallery