Montana Law – Non-Residents may not register a vehicle.

Update: This article is void, as of Autumn 2013. Thanks to HB414.

Thursday morning, The Great Falls MVD refused to register the vehicle I bought, to park in the driveway of my Montana home, without a Montana Driver’s License.

What’s going on? I own a house in Montana yet they won’t let me register a vehicle because I have an out-of-state Driver’s License.

In 2009, I purchased my first and only home, in Montana. Each time I travel from my temporary rented home in Connecticut I must rent a car in Montana and the expense significantly takes away from the home improvement I am actively engaged in each trip. Continue reading Montana Law – Non-Residents may not register a vehicle.

Missing Montana

Turning onto Connecticut’s Merritt Parkway, Route 15, near 10pm on a dark night in the rain, I merged into traffic. To those of you in Montana, traffic is when there are lots of cars on the road, right next to you, in front and behind you. All around you are cars; whether in little groups or the whole highway.
Speeding up to the flow of traffic, late at night on this tight, windy, hilly, under-construction, soaking wet parkway … is about 70m.p.h. Yeah, I guess that’s weird that there are lots of cars going that fast, but…  Continue reading Missing Montana

Montana 2010 gallery

Though I’ve visited Montana a half-dozen times this year, I annually post pictures from my August trip. This year included First People’s Buffalo Jump State Park, The Chouteau County Fair in Fort Benton, Floating the Missouri River and a one in a hundred shot of lightning beyond Bull Run Ranch in Cascade, Montana. Continue reading Montana 2010 gallery

Caddisflies hatching on the Missouri

Dream fly fishing along the Missouri River as zillions of Caddisflies hatch in the evening sun. I snapped this picture after dinner as the sun was setting over Craig, Montana. We spent a glorious day floating the Missouri River from Craig to the Dearborn River.

Just look at the dark cloud of Caddisflies over this Pine tree. Perhaps my favorite photograph this week on the beautiful Missouri River in Central Montana (South of Great Falls and North of Helena)

Read more about Trichoptera at Wikipedia.